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New Hearing Aids 

Texas Hearing Aid Specialists frequents the latest trade shows and conferences to offer the best in hearing aid products and technology to our valued clients.

We carry most of the major hearing aid brands, including Sonic, Oticon, Rexton, ReSound, and Starkey but also have access to most specialty brands that are on the market. For wholesale pricing on new hearing aids in Corpus Christi call the name you trust Texas Hearing Aid Specialists today.

Hearing Aid Styles 

  • Receiver-In-Canal: These hearing aids are for mild to moderate hearing loss and provide a comfortable, open fit for wearers.

  • In-The-Canal: For mild to mildly severe hearing loss. Variety of technology level choices that previously required a larger aid.

  • Behind-The-Ear: Fits behind the ear and amplifys sound into an earbud or customized earmold fitted inside the ear canal. No hard to use buttons or dials.

  • Completely-In-Canal: Virtually Invisible. For mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Batteries, Wax Guards, & Accessories 

We are your one source for all hearing aid solutions, services, and products. Popular options are as follows:

• Hearing aid batteries
• Wax guards designed to protect the receiver from wax and moisture
• Hearing aid domes inserted in your ear

Any issues with your current hearing aid even if it was not purchased can be brought over to your Texas Hearing Aid Specialists we would love to help you and your family today.

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